Installation of Officers

The 2016 Installation of Officers

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Learn through Masonry

Masonry is known as a progressive science, it’s precepts being taught through stages or “degrees”.

A Brief History...

Masonry has a long, complicated history that can fill an entire library with volumes on the subject.  Here, we will give the foundations and important aspects in the history of our Craft

Becoming a Mason

So you want to become a mason?  Read more to find out who we are looking for and what the process is to join our illustrious Fraternity.

Mosaic Lodge 218 Installation of Officers

Mosaic Lodge 218 Installation of Officers

This Sunday, December 11, will be the Annual Installation of Officers to be held at Mosaic Lodge beginning at 2pm.  If you are an officer, or taking part in the ceremonies, please be prepared to practice at 11am on Sunday. As in the past years, this is a very joyous and momentous occasion, and we would be delighted to have you attend.  There will be hors d’oeuvres following the installation.  Friends and Family are welcome! We look forward to seeing you there! Date: December 11, 2016 Time: 2pm (officers 11am) Location: 119 South Livermore Ave / Livermore, CA /... read more

Second Degree on January 28th!

We will be conferring the Second Degree onto two AEs on January 28th.  Fellowcraft and Master Masons are cordially invited to this degree, we look forward to filling the seats for this special event!  We will begin at 7:00pm, come early for some great conversation and fellowship in the Ante room prior, then watch as we get down to business and Pass these two Brothers and help them enter into the Fellowcraft role of our Craft. Please remember, this event is only open to Fellowcraft and Master Masons of our Fraternity.  Dress is Business Casual or... read more